04   /   28   /   2012

Adega Winery

The Cornell Winery is located in the heart of Santa Monica Mountains. Its unique location gives us an opportunity to have a Northern California Winery experience. I started with the design by analyzing the available recourses came about with a design of a winery that is not only suitable for the owners but also for the clients. Taken into consideration all the wine making process and the right environment; my decision was to create the winery with the mix of old and new. As far as it goes for my design the programming is pretty simple; we have industrial area, we got residential area, we got basement, and we got public/ lounge which also includes gallery for displaying art. Industrial lighting or the program is going to use the most of the energy and lighting. It will also generate more heat. To achieve such luminance the roof opening is going to allow natural lighting for the daytime and the fluorescent lighting will be used for the night time. Thus the heat generated from the fluorescent lighting is less, however, it is more from the sunlight. To reduce the heat generated from sunlight I use perforated metal sheets to minimize direct lighting into the work area but have enough for the tasks to be performed. The residential area is also using skylight and large openings from east and south west areas to get more natural light. And during the night we can use narrow beam down lighting and some indirect lighting which will illuminate the area to the comfort level. However, there is going to be high contrast between daytime lighting and night. The reason is that high illumination brings energy and creates more active vibe. At night, deemed lighting creates relaxation and comfort. On the other hand the ventilation system uses the cool air from the cellar to distribute throughout the building. However, it is not always cool in the building and we need to use the mechanical cooling systems. Both mechanical and natural ventilation systems are operating though one shaft. The only separation among them is set of fins that flip back and forth depending which one is necessary at what time.

In addition to those systems the building skin acts as a rain water catching device. The pores on the metal sheet al ow the water pass and get collected in the gadder like member behind it. Then after that it gets directed to the water tank.

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