12   /   06   /   2012

The Expansile House

Hillside area located near Beverly Hills. It was an ideal condition for proposing a design that uses least amount of space yet has all the key features of case study houses. It has brought to my attention that case study HOUSE #5; which was precedent study, has unique features. Programs within the house are isolated throughout the lot and yet are connected by a common space. The condition for this house was just a the time. Now days, we have less space than 70, 80 years ago. Today we tend to think about more compact living. What that means is, large properties are costly and not desired in today's market. With that in mind, compact living also means multi use space; thus, enabling programs within the house to be more flexible. The Expansile is the compact and multipurpose house. Within The Expansile, programs do not have assigned parameters, they tend to be relocated per desire within the parameters of the floor area. It has two levels:The Garage, which houses a storage and utility room; and The Upper Level, which is the living area. Moreover, upper level expands to allow more room in a given time. When the walls telescope out, it opens up the views to the ocean and nearby hills. In addition to that, the walls within The Expansile are also free moving. It is the modern day Loggia House.

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