05  /   13   /   2016

Platform A

When we think of the near future, advance technologies such as flying cars, robots, and hyper loops often come to mind. Alongside those advancements however, we also envision the problem of density, scarcity of food and drinkable water due to exhausted natural resources, and abandoned infrastructure left behind from the past. As a solution, imagine a network of self-sustaining floating megastructures offshore; which will not only create energy, food, and water for their own inhabitants, but will also give back and help to sustain the environmentally wounded cities of the past. To exercise and promote adaptive reuse, decommissioned oil rigs at the shore of Santa Barbara, California will serve as the structural framework for the proposed floating megastructures. Along with buildings, adequate circulation, and other necessary architectural components essential to sustain a multi use megastructure, water desalination plants and hydroponic farms will be integral parts of the overall infrastructure as a means of creating food and water for all. Due to corporate greed oil rigs have been exploiting our natural resources for so long, it’s time to redesign them for the benefit of the public.

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