05   /   14   /   2013

The Reef


An Artificial reef creates a recreational lagoon in contaminated waters, a heaven within a harbor




Cabrillo Beach once attracted a large public to its waters sheltered from the open ocean. While the bay it occupies continues to be a microcosm of shoreline activities, its safe beach waters have been stripped of their original function by cargo ship traffic and industrial uses. The threat to the public once came from the open ocean to the south; it now comes from the enclosed harbor to the north. This project proposes creating a new protected recreational zone on the harbor site of Cabrillo Beach. The architectural reef will filter polluted water, creating a lagoon which will attract the community back to the Cabrillo Beach. It will also house a port terminal for small cruise-liners containing public amenities. An Architectural Reef: It is to design with integrated rules of reef formation. In a meanwhile, each and every component of the design is an interpretation of microscopic level of coral cell structures, which are bond or linked to one another. As a part to whole, the modulated parts of the design will work together to create a cluster of interwoven systems.

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